July 21, 2024

Here’s what it’s like to dive French’s Fish alley

French’s Fish Alley is a world-renowned dive site located off the coast of Florida in the United States. This site is known for its incredible diversity of marine life, including colorful tropical fish, rays, sea turtles, and even the occasional shark.

The dive site is named after a local fisherman named Frenchy who used to bring his daily catch to this spot to sell to locals and tourists. Today, French’s Fish Alley is a popular destination for scuba divers from around the world.

Diving French’s Fish Alley is an unforgettable experience. The waters are warm and clear, with visibility that can exceed 100 feet on a good day. The dive site is located near a coral reef, which provides a rich and diverse habitat for marine life.

As you descend into the water, you’ll immediately be surrounded by schools of colorful fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish. Rays and sea turtles can often be seen swimming gracefully through the water, while larger species such as barracuda and sharks may be seen in the deeper waters.

One of the highlights of diving French’s Fish Alley is exploring the many coral formations that dot the ocean floor. These formations are home to a wide range of invertebrates, including sea fans, sponges, and anemones.

Overall, diving French’s Fish Alley is an incredible experience that should be on every scuba diver’s bucket list. With its abundant marine life, clear waters, and stunning coral formations, it’s easy to see why this site is considered one of the best dive spots in the world.

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